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2013 Infiniti G37


Infiniti G37

Service Date
Services Performed
  • Road test vehicle to check for proper brake operation and noise. Rack vehicle, remove all four wheels and rear brake drums to inspect each wheel for excessive wear, damage or leaking components and brake condition. Inspect entire system for leaks. Measure remaining lining thickness brake rotors and drums. Advise of any needed or recommended repairs.
  • Replaced engine oil, replaced engine oil filter, topped off needed fluids and completed visual courtesy check inspection.
  • COURTESY CHECK INSPECTION includes checking the lighting system, visual tire condition, taking the tire pressures, inspect all fluids, visually check belts, tensioner and pulleys and check coolant hoses.
  • It is a fee based service inspection only pertaining to the customer's concern or problem with the vehicle. This is not a whole car diagnostic. This fee will not be waived or reduced as it is a minimum fee to inspect the vehicle.____X
  • Check and inflate each vehicle's tires to the recommended tire pressure rating, with air, at the time of performing any automotive maintenance or repair service. Tire inflation service was completed and the tire pressure measurements after the services were performed.
  • HEATER HOSES – Remove & Replace – Passenger side – [NOTE: Deduct 0.2 when used in conjunction with Radiator Hose(s) – R&R.]
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